March 22, 2016

#SwagsJumps and So Can You

(This is a re-post of my guest blog with Bonnie Rose, but I'm currently en route to Vienna, so you can jump with me some more before linking up with Travel Tuesday below!)

Anyone can make great jumping photos. I've always been more of an action/candid photo fan, and finding the perfect jump photo has become a favorite hobby of mine. I may be an athlete, but the last time I was considered a decent jumper, I was seventeen and pre-knee-surgery. That was nearly half a lifetime ago, and I'm not getting any younger!

The two key components of your jumping photo are the background and the camera angle. You'll see in the following photos that jumping in front of sky always works, but a super cool attraction can be worth it, as well. Put your camera - or your cameraman - on the ground and press record. Yes, you're taking a video, and it's going to transform you into a jumping hero.

All that's left is to pick your signature jump!

(Listed from easiest to most difficult. When you attempt, I'd love for you to hashtag either #SwagsJumps or #whatupswags to show your progress!)

The Assisted Fly

Find something to create the appearance of a higher jump. Swings, fences, and statues are very helpful.

The Happy Star

Jump and explode your limbs in every direction. Also, try the imaginary skateboard grab.

The Butt Kick

This is the best ratio of easy jump with high payout. Just make sure you kick slightly to the side, or you'll look like your legs end at the knees. You can even do this jump in a skirt.

The Jump Squat

Try to bring your knees to your shoulders. Might want to stretch or warm-up for this one.

The Heel Click

Anytime you bring your feet closer to your body, your jump looks so much higher.

The Rock Star

You've got your air guitar, so kick one foot back and one foot forward, and rock this jump.

Here we've got a Happy Star, Jump Squat, Rock Star combo - and this one was miraculously taken with a regular camera on a timer.

The Ninja

Put on your game face and channel your inner ninja. My best ninja jump is in the title picture, but these ones are alright, too. Also, note how cool a silhouette jump can be against a bright background.

The Mary Poppins

This one is very difficult for me. It's the feet position, arm extension, umbrella lift, and truly believing that you are going to fly up, up, and away in the moment. I have to find a better background for this jump style next time.

Hit record and start jumping! Don't forget to tag me @whatupswags or hashtag #SwagsJumps and #whatupswags when you get your jumping photo album going!

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