May 20, 2015

Postcards from Portugal

My cousin, James, and I had an epic time under the Portuguese sunshine!

Welcome to #PostcardsFromPortugal! Hope you enjoy these moments, and maybe a postcard will even show up at your door!

(Don't worry, I won't be posting anyone's addresses! But if you see a postcard online for you, and it never comes, I probably don't have your right address!)

Day 1: Dear Parents
Day 2: Dear Sister
Day 3: Dear Mike & Daphne
Day 4: Dear Monique
Day 5: Dear Tom & Ingrid
Day 6: Dear Frendts
Day 7: Dear Grandma Millie & Aunt Denise
Day 8: Dear Tanyas
Day 9: Dear Amanda
Day 10: Dear Alex
Day 11: Dear Jes
Day 12: Dear Diane + Dear Kia
Day 13: Dear Prianos + Dear Rich
Day 14: Dear Families

And the grand finale postcard goes to...
Dear Cousin/Travel Buddy/Driver James!

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