30 November 2015

A White Christmas...in Germany

Full disclosure: we will not actually be IN Germany ON Christmas Day. But, as most of you know, Christmas is happily so much more than just one day in Europe! So even though we will be sunning in Madrid on the 25th, we are still excited about what the German Christmas season will be like this month of December.

I always love Christmas markets. Every year in Paris, I made it a point to stroll each of the big markets (Champs-Elysées, La Défense, Tour Eiffel, etc.) at least once.

Now we're living in the country where Christmas markets originated!

There's a lot to look forward to:

24 November 2015

6 Reasons You'll Love Europe in the Fall

As we say goodbye to one of the most warm and wonderful autumn seasons in Europe, I thought it fitting to explain why I wholeheartedly believe that fall is the best season to experience what Europe has to offer.

19 November 2015

Paris Is About Life

I thought I didn't have much to add to what happened in my favorite city last weekend.

Everything I could say, I thought I'd already said before.

I love Paris. You can read all about that in my eBook, Four Years in Paris. I wish I'd had a hundred years to live there, and not just four. I still feel that way.

True Muslims are not terrorists. You can read my response to the Charlie Hebdo attack last January. My position remains unchanged.

But there's more to say now.

12 November 2015

That Wi-Fi Only Life

I remember arriving in Prague and looking wistfully at my Blackberry.

"Guess you'll just be my alarm clock for a while."

I had some serious reservations about not having a cell phone when I was sent to Belgium from the Czech Republic.

How would I know if I would be picked up from the airport?
Who was picking me up?
How would I know if the people who said they were picking me up were actually the people taking me from the airport?
How would I communicate with anyone?!

When we lived in America, we needed unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited data. Marc and I signed up for a joint cell phone bill before we even got married. We were saddled with $200 per month phone bills and thought it was totally normal and part of the monthly budget.

Then I moved to Europe.

05 November 2015

German Swag 101: Top 10 Differences

It's like no matter where you live or move to, there are always going to be differences. We experienced differences moving around California, then definitely when we first moved abroad in 2011, and now we're in another new country. We always compare and contrast every new place we live in or even just visit.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it is the top ten differences we've noticed since moving from France to Germany in August.
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