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March 31, 2020

Day 18: VLOG Semi-Quarantined Against CoVid-19

Hey Leute.

This is the first part of a 3-part VLOG on reading in Psalms. Very informal, and I hope it can bring you as much peace as it did to me.

You can follow all of my updates during the CoVid-19 quarantine here.

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March 30, 2020

Day 17: Semi-Quarantined Against CoVid-19

Hey Leute!

More agility never hurt anybody.

3-5 sets of 5 laps on each side
Box Workout
10 Mountain climbers
5 Sprint strides
3 Lateral shuffles
10 Quick steps
5 Backpedals
Criss-cross back to base

Switch directions and the foot that you plant and push off of.

You can follow all of my updates during the CoVid-19 quarantine here.

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March 29, 2020

Day 16: Semi-Quarantined Against CoVid-19

Hey hey Leute!

There is a lot of surviving going on right now.

Sneaky corona-cat.

Honestly, Marc and I are really good at being quarantined together.

We had to live in one-room attics together for several years. Even with our three-floor castle house in Bavaria, we are spending 90% of everyday together in the living room.

(Does anyone need to borrow a floor in our house for some peace and quiet?)

Marc is cooking most of the meals, while I am busy organizing all sorts of things and creating content for the blog, my teams, and my friends.

Then we've been working on the colossal 1500-piece puzzle, which we *think* we will finish today.

I think the people who are "doing well" in this quarantine and lockdown situation are the people who are able to pivot. People who have hybrid talents. People who can "chameleon" into what society needs currently.

The "essential-workers" who can exist in their own personal hyper-mode right now are very specific: housewives, health care workers, grocery store employees, and basically anyone who has an online career.

I am very, very thankful that despite my career revolving around a domain that has essentially been canceled until further notice, I have quickly transitioned to the other options that exist for me.

(Note: I have ALWAYS said out loud that, "Our jobs are totally irrelevant in the event of the Apocalypse." Right again, dang it!)

It's really okay if you are a focused-on-one-skill-type and only feel like you are good at one thing. I hope you can use this time to either expand your skill set or even just discover that you are, in fact, good at other things, too.

We are all going to need to be flexible. Flexible with our own time, flexible with the world's timeline, flexible with the varied emotional responses (both now and later), and flexible with how recovery is going to evolve for all of us across the globe.

So let's find our hidden talents and new skills and use those to strive forward into the future, which, for the first time in our living history, we must face the unknown collectively.

You can follow all of my daily updates during the CoVid-19 quarantine here.

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March 28, 2020

Week 3: Home Balance & Jump Workout


More videos with ideas on how to spend your time...exercising!

Already posted workouts include:

(which includes full yoga routines)

Today's offering is for Balance & Jumping.

Quick Core Warm-Up: 3-5 sets
30 seconds Front Plank with 5 Leg Lifts each side
50 Crunches
Hand Plank with Elbow to Knee, 5 on each side

Balance Sequence
10 seconds Leg Extension
Figure-4 Single Leg Squats, 5 on each side
Single Leg Medicine Ball Lifts, 10 on each side
(or whatever object you have available)
10 Elbow Dips

Jump Circuit 2 (see details here)

You can follow all of my daily updates during the CoVid-19 quarantine here.

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