26 August 2015

German Swag 101: Week 1

O.M.G. (Oh. My. Germany.)

It's been a crazy week of moving in, unpacking, and rearranging. I only had one small task besides the normal moving things-to-do: GET A JOB.

Welcome to Vilsbiburg!

24 August 2015

Edinburgh: Drinks, Dance, and Drums

{By Marc}

Braveheart with Mel Gibson is easily in my top 5 movies, so when Uncle Mike said we should meet up in Edinburgh, it was a no-brainer. Swags and I love meeting up with her aunt and uncle, plus, we love exploring new areas, and going that far north in the late summer made the most sense.

When Christy's relatives' plans changed unexpectedly, we decided to still make Scotland happen. One thing Christy's uncle insisted we do was see the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Huh? Well, see below, and be prepared to have your mind blown!

18 August 2015

Walking Glasgow

I was able to tack three extra days onto Scotland before I had to arrive in the Netherlands for volleyball camp.

07 August 2015

German Swag 101: Pre-Arrival

For starters, there is no perfect way to learn a language. People who have studied languages extensively in books think they've done it the right way. People who have moved abroad to immerse themselves completely also think they've done it the right way.

I know no matter how much prep work I put into learning German in advance of our arrival, I'm still going to crawl through the growing pains of misunderstandings and mistakes. So that's why I'm only just now starting the process - 14 days before moving to Germany.

Just as gut as my first time in Germany. Cologne, 2011.

05 August 2015

Four Years in Paris

What do I mean, only four years in Paris?!

Yes, the sad reality is that after four life-changing years in France, we are moving to...Germany.
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