May 8, 2011

SFO: The Way We See It

Tanya and I have our own way of doing things.

So we clamored about San Francisco last week, chasing the sunshine and any historic-looking building we could sight from the heights we climbed.

We ate a lot of bread, sold quite a few secondhand clothes, and continually gasped at the beautiful homes we passed by.

The highlight of the day was when we set up yet another epic picture, jump-posed, then fell simultaneously onto the ground. Too many laughs, a bloody knee, and four stinging palms later, we moved on to the next photo conquest.

As always, we found the Anthropologie store and raved about how we could live in any one of their stores.

Urban Outfitters' set-up is cool, too, until we found some soft and old looking crewneck sweatshirts in a corner of their store.

"Tanya, look at these sweatshirts! They're just like the ones we thrifted for!"

"Oh, those are so cool!"

"Wait...look at this tag - Jerzees brand?"

Yes, it's true. The other tags even confirmed it. Urban Outfitters is peddling actual thrift store goods for wild prices like $40. Tanya and I have been fashion entrepreneurs ahead of the game all this time.

This excursion was so refreshing because I got to share it with a real person! Thanks, Tanya, for our glorious day of sunshine, bread, photo shoots, and laughter (the four elements to all perfect days).

Hawaii is next!