March 31, 2011

Swiss Trip Play-By-Play

1. Facebook = Clutch/Spojka/L'embrayage
"People You May Know" and The Master's College FINALLY come in handy. I click on a friend from college, and find out he lives close to Geneva, Switzerland. Next thing we know, I'm on a train and in Switzerland for 3 days.

2. Swiss Entertainment
-A man spits out his gum and drop kicks it all in one motion.
-A bicyclist and motorcyclist tangle in an intersection. Bicyclist kicks motorcycle while holding up oncoming traffic.
-A woman crosses the street too early and a car honks at her. Car and woman both pause, then car and woman both proceed. Woman's nose and toes get roughed up by said car. Woman keeps walking, only to pause again in front of the next car and dramatically stomp her foot.
-A Colombian man explains every group of men on a corner in Geneva is a drug deal.

3. Lake Geneva
It has a lighthouse, a playground slide, an unnatural geyser, a flower clock, boats, birds, gardens/parks with swings, sunsets, and sidewalks. I add chocolate, and I create paradise.

4. Multiculturalism
-My friend's dad is a pastor, so I go to Swiss church and sing Michael W. Smith French.
-I eat American (Mississippi mud cake), Belgian (waffles), French (crepes), Italian (gelato), Swiss (chocolate), and Turkish (kebabs) food, as well as a Coca-Cola at an Irish pub.
-My dreams are affected; I now start sentences in French and fill in words I don't know with Spanish and English. For instance, "Où est [Where is - French] la otra [the other - Spanish] shopping area [mall - English]?"

5. Milestones
-Why use a regular camera when you can VIDEO and capture EVERYTHING?
-Watch the video: Autour de la France et Genève.
-New way to solve people's problems (obesity, depression, anxiety, fear of heights, whatever): give them a stick of bubble gum and put them on a swing.
-First hostel experience? I like hotels.

6. USA Flight in 11 Days
I pack 2 bags and a box and give them to my Brussels friends to store over the summer. Back to hobo mode.

7. All Swag Tours Include