My name is Christy Swagerty, but I only really respond to my family nickname, "Swags."

The "What Up, Swags?!" journey began when I left California in 2011 to chase my dream of playing volleyball professionally overseas. I was signed to a team in Belgium, then moved to play in France for four years, and I have been in Germany since 2015!

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I enjoy my expat life to the fullest on my scooter, learning languages, trying new foods, and traveling as much as I can, both with friends (and see who else below!) and on solo adventures.

Picasso, a little cat I was able to adopt from Spain, became a part of the family in early 2023. It took him about a month to settle in, but now he meows for his food, purrs when pet, and loves scratching the most expensive things he can get his paws on.

The presence of sport in my life has granted me unique opportunities to see the world and I am so thankful to share my experiences with all of you.

Originally a journalism major, sports drew me away to a B.A. in Physical Education & Kinesiology with a minor in Communication. I coached around California until I moved to Europe in 2011. I earned my M.A. degree in Coaching & Athletic Administration in 2012. 
Since moving to Germany in 2015, I got my German C Volleyball Trainer License in 2017, and completed the next level of the B Trainer License in 2019. In 2021, I worked for nine months to complete the German A Trainer License that certifies me to coach in the top two professional volleyball divisions in Germany (1. Bundesliga & 2. Bundesliga). I have been coaching the 2. Bundesliga women's team in TV Altdorf (close to Nuremberg) since 2022.

Please check out my ACES | Womxn 4 Volleyball project that is working to create a more inclusive and sustainable environment for womxn in volleyball leadership all over the world.

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