May 27, 2013

Photo Bombing the Vaux

It was a half-sunny, half-stormy day as two mischievous blondes made their efforts to leave their mark on the chateau we have all grown to know and love: the one and only Vaux-le-Vicomte.

The next photos were supposed to be jumping shots. These pictures document our failures and few successes.

Dancing by the canal.
More great moves by the canal. Referring to the clouds.
Feet on the ground, but hair in the air.
Okay, we needed we break. Normal photo!
Run away! King Louis XIV is coming!
Finally! But where's the chateau?!
I don't jump off towers.
Umbrella, please take me home.
Go, go, gadget arms!
Off to another chateau for more Mary Poppins adventures.
Is the camera working?
Alex, when you hold the umbrella over your face: we can't see your face.
Too bad we didn't actually high-five on accident!
This house just kept getting in all of the shots!  (Thank goodness.)
 V-L-V is still the most fun chateau around town!

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