March 16, 2016

Off-Season: Refresh, Reconnect, Regain

My input on what to do during the off-season for the 2016 Athlete Blab...

You can access all of the Athlete Blab conversations for free here. Topics included: college transition, mobility, finances, working with agents, retirement, international career, nutrition, marketing, and self-development.

Your off-season program needs to consist of time to refresh, reconnect, and regain.

Refresh: your body, your spirit. Do what you need to do to feel rested. Some people take two weeks, three months, or just a few days. Part of this refreshment can be spending time with family, taking a trip solo or with friends, or sitting by a pool for a month. My way of refreshing was to write a book!

Reconnect: off-season is the perfect time to network with your family and friends back home, but it's also the best time to reconnect with people in your field of work. The best way I've done this is through sports camps. I connect with my former clubs, school, camps, and coaches to see how I can help their summer programs.

Regain: working out has to be a part of the off-season in order to properly prepare for the pre-season. I'm never in the same place for more than ten days during the off-season, but I get creative with running, swimming, and other lifestyle fitness options. When I have the opportunity to play volleyball, I make it happen.

Please forward the relevant #athleteblab information to anyone you think may be interested. The hosts, Susan Salzbrenner (@fitaxcultures) and Ryan Owens (@beyondathletic) worked really hard to get this conference off the ground, and it would be great for you to benefit from it!

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