May 25, 2019

South of France: Aude to Hérault


I worked and played for a very full eight days in the south of France Occitanie region in April. 

First of all, I had known the regions of France were going to be condensed, but had totally forgotten about it. So, most of the time I was on my trip, I was happily enjoying what I believed to be the Languedoc...what used to be the Languedoc, apparently!

I was mostly in the departments (think of regions as states, and departments as counties) of Aude and Hérault, hence the post title. And, yes, "Aude" is pronounced like "ode," also hence the post title!

There were so many great places that I got to see, so it was best to mark them all down on a list here, which will be updated as the posts are posted with their direct links.

Favorite photos: #Swags2France

I have to give a huge shout-out to my fabulous French friend, Adeline, who researched and planned half of these destinations for us to profiter from the best possible weather, walks, and food!

Merci for enjoying my Easter break with me!




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What other places would you recommend
to visit in the Occitanie region of France?