June 1, 2019

The Pro Player Timeline: June

Working from The Pro Player Timeline: Overview, this individual month post focuses on what a professional player overseas - or an aspiring pro player - should be outlining each specific month of the year like.

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Most players looking to play professionally overseas don't really have any idea how to do it! This is not your fault; unless you know someone who has done it or have incredible connections already in the pro world of your sport - you try searching Google and barely anything comes up. A few agencies, some club team pages, maybe an incomplete Wikipedia page about a league or two.

So much information and inspiration can be found at Beyond Athletic: podcasts, articles, ideas, and so on. Ryan Jay Owens has interviewed players, agents, coaches, and trainers from all over the world for a diverse and in-depth perspective on how to take your game to the next level.

Pro sports are cyclical. What might be a frenzy of hiring in August right before the season starts can occur again in January at mid-season transfer periods. Players coming out of university eligibility are ready to go pro at different times, depending on graduating in December or May.

How you handle the months of your year will vary depending on if you are already signed and with your team or not signed with anyone yet. The first section of this post will deal with "When you are signed," and the second section of this post will give advice for what to do "When you are not signed yet."


Hopefully, you had a great resting month of May and are really ready to get back into your game plan! Your joy for your sport should run so deep that it just spills out of you any and every chance you get to play it or train for it. Your "job" is what 99.9% of athletes can normally only dream about, and this is an incredible gift for you to love and enjoy!

The energy that you put into June should carry over for the rest of the summer as you prepare to enter into a full season of your sport. It's not only about putting in the hours of training and playing, but also the effort and energy into those hours so they can prove productive when you show up to your first day of team practice.

Set your goals and stick to them. Find a workout partner, make a Facebook group to schedule games, and do whatever else you need to do to make sure you are getting your hours in and staying motivated. The momentum you create right now with your joy for your sport and your energy in your training moments is going to help you build into July and August!

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Every month of your year can be outlined with a theme, enhanced with motivational reminders, and structured in a way that your day-to-day activities promote your short and long term growth and well-being.

For everyone...

Review and stabilize your bank accounts and personal income plans.
Apply for credit cards with no or low international fees.
See if your current bank debit card will allow you to withdraw foreign currency for free or what their fees are.
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When you are signed...

Build social media presence with network and posts.
Download WhatsApp onto your smartphone and activate before leaving your country.
Workout and post what you're doing and progress on social media.
Be in touch with your new team's coach, fitness trainers, and teammates to be as prepared physically and mentally as possible for where you are going.

Watch this video below for more ideas on how to manage your Off-Season!

When you are not signed yet...

Add 2-3 letters of recommendation from your previous coaches and the coaches you competed against to the back pages of your CV. Best to access coaches with national team and/or international experience so they can reference your abilities in the context of where you are trying to play.
Send your CV to the teams you started following on Facebook and Instagram last month.
Play in as many local tournaments and open gyms as you can, always filming, uploading, and actually live streaming when possible.

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