June 14, 2019

Savoring Sauvian

Sauvian is the village where my French volleyball pal, Adeline, lives, just south of Béziers. We took long morning walks through the meadows above the town and found all the wildflowers and vineyards! Adeline also took me to an incredible restaurant in the area, L'Harmonie in nearby Serignan. This was one of the best meals I've ever had, and the boulangerie in Sauvian provided me with the buttery French pastries I had been missing all year!

The fabulous plat du jour at L'Harmonie consisted of salmon, baked parmesan, mâche, baked cherry tomatoes, and delicious pesto gnocchi.

The pain I have from missing pain au chocolat is very real, indeed!

Unbelievably tasty array of a café gourmand, comprised of espresso, pistachio mousse with strawberry flavored crunchies, lemon meringue and raspberries, and a light chocolate tiramisu.

I'm so thankful for great friends, and especially for great friends who live in amazing places!!!

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