July 26, 2019

Andorra On the Way

If it's on your way from Spain to France, then it is a quirky fun [shopping] day trip to add to your itinerary. Otherwise, stick to Spain and France and all the beauty and authenticity they have to offer instead.


Unless you are simply checking off countries on an ever-growing list, this little mountain country squished between France and Germany is just not really a true European experience.

However, there is a ton of cheap duty-free shopping and the cheapest gas prices I have ever seen in Europe. So, that does count for something!

I also strongly recommend that if you are driving, to enter Andorra through the much easier - and usually open - roadway on the Spanish side.

I made it through the harrowing French side of driving to the French/Andorra border to find out the road was closed! It took me another hour to go through Spain and finally make it into Andorra.

It's a mild tragedy for me as I had been looking forward to an Andorran adventure since I read Royal Road to Romance by Richard Halliburton back in college.

It's safe to say that Andorra is not nearly as charming as it was when Richard visited in the 1920s!

This "7 Poets" sculpture series was cool to see from another level (pictured above), and I loved the dancing Andorrans sculpture next to the Casa de la Vall (pictured below).

I even tried to go see other places outside of the main city of Andorra la Vella, but had an extremely hard time because of so many tunnels to drive through the mountains, the GPS lost all signals and orientation, and my European cell had no service! I finally gave up and called it a [very long] day.

But I can admit that Andorra does have a great flag! Very photogenic. ;)

Have you ever been to Andorra? Did you find anything interesting while there?!

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