December 23, 2015


We are in a strange classification.

Yes, we love Christmas.

Let's go back to Madrid!

No, we don't decorate. At all.
We've been married seven years, and we've never even had a tree.

But, once upon a time, we did get engaged on Christmas day. In a lot of ways, we count Christmas as our anniversary.

Because we do our anniversary differently, too. I don't think we've been together on August 3rd for even half of our seven anniversaries!

Therefore, if we translate Christmas as our anniversary, then it makes a lot more sense why we don't have a tree. Nobody puts up a pine tree for their anniversary!

Christmas has always been a great and wonderful time in both of our lives. Since moving to Europe, it got better in two ways. One, Marc now had a full two weeks off from basketball. And two, we were now in proximity to so many awesome places to visit!

This year, we are repeating our Christmas destination for the first time by returning to Madrid, Spain. Last year, Madrid really charmed us with its sunshine, lively atmosphere, and delicious food.

We had to come back for more!

So even though we may do Christmas a little bit differently than most Americans, and we definitely buck tradition on anniversaries, we are thankful for our time together in some of the coolest places on Earth. It's our version of gift-giving.

Happy Anniversary to us, and Merry Christmas to you!!!

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