December 26, 2014

Madrid: I'm Dreaming of a Bright Christmas

This city is alive on Christmas!

The tree in the Plaza de Colón.

It all started at midnight mass on Christmas Eve at the beautiful cathedral of San Francisco El Grande.

It's okay to stay out late in Spain (and to find Christmas Vespas), and better in the winter because the mornings are always the coldest part of the day (between high 30s and low 40s Fahrenheit). 

Christmas morning came and went as we slept with the soft rays of sunlight glowing through the windows.

Marc made us brunch, and it was just the start of a great day of foods!

The many Spaniards and a few tourists were out and about on Christmas afternoon, soaking in the warm sun and enjoying the small plaza markets. 

Tons of shops and cafés were open, too, making our Christmas lunch and snacks totally awesome!

("Christmas snacks" sound good, don't they?!)

We strolled around the palace, ate churros, and drank coffee.

Our Christmas was very bright indeed. The gift of a great experience with someone you love is worth much more than any thing that can be bought in a store.

A very Merry Christmas to you, and we hope yours was as bright as ours!

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  1. I've never actually spent Christmas in Madrid (usually go home to Toronto, though this year I visited my bf's family) so it's fun to read a post about Christmas in Madrid. I didn't think any places would be open, but I guess since the city is filled with tourists, it makes sense. Glad you enjoyed your time in my adopted home city :)


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