January 2, 2016

16 Plans in 2016

Every new year always brings the promise of new adventures! Here are sixteen of the adventures I have lined up for this year, but I'm hoping to toss a few more in here and there!

1. A Birthday

I'm turning thirty. 3. 0. I haven't been this excited about a birthday...EVER! I'm finally turning the age I've always been meant to be. Party plans include sushi and 80s attire. Want to come?

2. Vilsbiburg Beach Party

At the end of January, apparently the city fills the party hall with sand and heat and we all pretend it's the middle of summer. Sure to be a huge hit!

3. Baden-Baden

We play in Offenburg on a Saturday, so naturally Sunday will be spent at the incredible Friedrichsbad Roman baths.

4. Milan

I have two free weekends in February, and Milan seems to be the cheapest flight out of town. May end up in the south of France instead, but I will definitely be going somewhere - maybe even two somewheres!

5. Vienna

Easter break takes Marc's youth basketball team to Vienna for a week. Thus, Marc's youth basketball team takes me to Vienna for a week. Winning!

6. Neuschwanstein

Tanya is coming! Tanya is coming! We'll be going to THE Bavarian castle for sure, and I'm excited to see the fairy tale palace in the springtime instead of the winter.

7. Salzburg

We will also be going to Salzburg. There will be a lot of Sound of Music moments. Always.

8. Paris

My volleyball season ends in April, and that means I get to resume tutoring in Paris before school lets out for the summer! And Amy is having her French wedding!

9. Sevilla

Marc and I are stopping over in Sevilla for a few days before heading to: see below.

10. Algarve

Cannot. Wait. To. Return. I'm still obsessed with the Algarve and so ready to relax on the Portuguese sand for days/daze.

11. Budapest

As if all the before stuff wasn't enough: Kia is visiting, too! We will be taking Budapest by storm, as rag-tag hostel summer bums out for as many jumping photos as possible.

12. Bratislava

Then we'll take a day in Bratislava because it's on the way.

13. Vienna (again)

I guess I'll just have to do some repeats of glorious places.

14. Salzburg (again)

Again, repeating glorious places and climbing every mountain.

15. Paris (again)

Some of Marc's relatives are planning a house swap with our Paris friends. We get to join in on all the fun as the tour guides!

16. Netherlands

Volleyball camp always brings me back and it's one of my favorite vacations every year!

Here's to entering my thirties and to another fun year abroad!

What plans do you have for 2016? Will you be in any of these same places? Where are you looking forward to visiting the most?