March 21, 2020

Week 2: Home Basic Jump Workout

Liebe Leute.

Once a week during this ordeal, I will post some new workout ideas, and also create more videos for some of the exercises I have already mentioned in the original Home Volleyball Workouts post.

These are snapshot videos of the workout I did with my #SGMAFIA🖤 team this week.

Here is the rundown.

Quick Core Warm-Up: 3-5 sets
5 Breath Hand Plank, Lean Forward +5 Breaths
10 Airplanes
50 Dead Bugs
5L/5R Starfish
20 Trunk Lifts

Front Lunge Sequence Leg Warm-Up: 3-5 sets
Side Lunge Leg Warm-Up: 3-5 sets

Jump Circuit 1 (see details here)

Cool-down hip-opening stretches are at the end of this yoga workout.

(Video should start mid-way through with butterfly stretch.)

All workouts that I post can usually be modified to be easier or more difficult. If you have any questions, please contact me via Instagram (@whatupswags) or in the comments below!

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