March 20, 2020

Day 7: Semi-Quarantined Against CoVid-19 ONE WEEK DOWN

Hey Leute!

Well, we have made it through one week here.

We've talked about this for YEARS.
It's because I'm terrifyingly accurate with a gun.

I did cheat a little bit today and sat outside with some friends.

I have been punished in full with a sunburn.

I convinced Marc to make enough coffee for both of us today, so that wired me up for the whole day!

As the sunburn suggests, it was indeed another beautiful day here in Vilsbiburg, Germany. Tomorrow the rain will come, but the sun will be back quickly, just with cooler temperatures for the next week or two.

...except I am not actually embarrassed!

It will be time for all the remaining indoor projects. Then by the time those projects are complete, it will probably be the appropriate time to clean the house again.

It was announced today that Germany will go into lockdown at midnight. This means only "essential" outings, like mandatory work, medical, groceries, and walking a dog. Apparently, we are allowed to go on walks with immediate family members still, so we will try to keep doing that. We can tie my stuffed animal dog to a leash and drag him around, if necessary.

It is helpful that Germany does not have an overly touchy-feely culture to begin with. We can't imagine how this would have been in France with everyone trying to kiss each other all the time.

The most exciting thing that happened today was when an emergency airlift helicopter landed two houses away at the Red Cross Extended Care Facility. We barely ever notice there is a medical facility that close to us because it appears to basically function as a sort of extended-stay apartment for patients. But in the three years we have lived here, we have NEVER heard or seen a helicopter land this close. No idea who they brought in, and we are not about to go knocking on doors to find out.

It's hard for me to be nice. See personality table below.

Marc cleaned out the pro basketball players' apartments another time today (the first time was when they all flew home this past weekend) and we feasted on all their leftover frozen French fries and chicken nuggets for dinner.

Quarantine Day 7 quasi-McDonald's dinner for the win!

I'll be posting another workout blog this weekend as we head into Week 2.

Make question, "more likely to WIN anything?" SAME.

I really think and hope that more people than not are enjoying this unexpected time off! Stay home, stay safe, and let's learn to love and appreciate those around us once again in a deeper way.

Two easy ways to do this?! One, take the DISC personality tests for free at and see where your strengths and weaknesses are. I have heard of tons of different personality analogies (including the latest enneagram obsession, but reading up on that seems a little too bizarre of a history for me), but the DISC breakdown has always made the most sense to me. It's clean, simple, and really honest and accurate.

What's been extra interesting for me is that I took my first DISC test when I was very young, like around ten years old! I scored D-C and still retain quite a bit of that task-oriented seriousness, but have grown into more of a D-I who has more confidence in being extroverted and expressing my leadership while helping others have fun. I have never scored high in the S category. Not my style.

The second option for getting to know each other is what all these other pictures have been from. Using Instagram Stories, you can access the "Who is more __? by vamonke" game to play with a partner or friend. It's usually hilarious! Enjoy each other's company and laugh together!

You can follow all of my daily updates during the CoVid-19 quarantine here.