October 20, 2019

German Swag 101: #SGMAFIA🖤 & #PinkLadies

There is A LOT going on in my volleyball world this season, so I don't blame you if it's tough to keep up with who is what team and where I'm doing what!

To simplify:

I'm playing 3rd division again, but now in Munich with the #PinkLadies.

I'm still coaching in Dingolfing, but now the Damen 2 team which plays in the 6th division, and the team we have dubbed #SGMAFIA🖤.

I'm also coaching the U16-2 & U14-1 teams in Dingolfing, which are basically the same players for both teams, plus or minus four to five players.

I'm bobbing around Vilsbiburg, too, chipping in as an extra coach or practice player once or twice a week with the first and second division teams at Rote Raben.

These are the #PinkLadies:

Facebook Highlights from Augsburg match

This is the #SGMAFIA🖤:

You can follow our rankings and schedules at these links! My Instagram account will have regular updates as well, and November is bound to be nuts with double game days and weekends galore!!!



Hope to see you at a game, or at least enjoying the crazy volleyball news every weekend!