October 28, 2019

The Sound of Music Tour

Once Upon A Time...

...when I had just arrived in Europe, I had a few priorities. Paris. Anything Italy. Tulips in Holland. Neuschwanstein in Germany.

Salzburg. I just had to do the whole Sound of Music thing.

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Fast forward nearly nine years later, and, while I've been back to Salzburg more times than I can count now (LOVE THAT), I hadn't been back on the tour yet.

But amazing things start to happen when unexpected opportunities arise!

My parents finally came to visit! (More on that in a later post.)

So, off we went, back onto the Panorama Tour of The Sound of Music!

We had a beautiful day, wonderful company, and a fabulous tour guide!

Thanks, Dad & Mom, for wanting to return to the one of the best movies OF ALL TIME, and also to our friend, Melissa, for joining us for our very Do-Re-Mi day!!!