February 10, 2012

The Bavarian Ice Kingdom

Once upon a time there lived a young woman next to the most beautiful city in the world.

One day she decided to journey outside of her beloved kingdom, and chose another land far, far away. She had to see for herself if the tales of her childhood were true. She rode for hours through fields and trees and mountains to finally arrive in the medieval village known mostly for their fall festival of local brews.

She made a lovely new friend who spent the day with her, discovering fantastic adventures around every clocktower and marketplace. With more new friends they staged the Glockenspiel joust and listened to the legends of this strange land. They delighted themselves with the foreign feasts, and took a liking to the people of the village.

Later that night, they devoted their time to one of the most important traditions of their home kingdom's knights in plastic armor. The brave men made a well-fought battle, but in the end, the knights of the city with the most towering of fortresses prevailed.

The next day, her new friend departed for warmer country in the south while our young heroine prepared for her trek into the Bavarian countryside. One particular king and castle had always stood out to her, and on this day she sought her quest. As she rode deeper and deeper into the forest, then higher and higher into the mountains, the land brightened into a glittering white under the icy sunshine.

She stood at the bottom of the Alpsee, intent on ascent. She toiled and climbed the slope, seeking her elusive castle. The frosted ground and trees continued coaxing her toward the peak, whispering promises of grand vistas and the magical palace. When at last she laid her eyes upon the mountain fortress, she understood why the romantic towers had called to her as a child. This castle made all of the beautiful fairy tales come true. The past and present had shifted once again into perfect harmony with the single view of one king's dream castle.

Her sojourn complete, she returned to her City of Lights. Even though she had been enchanted by this faraway land, and would gladly find it again in times to come, she would always know her beautiful city was the only kingdom in the world that could ever truly have her heart.

And she lived happily ever after.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Someday, fair reader, you too may rest your sights on the fantastic Neuschwanstein. This narrative will keep hidden the splendors of the handcrafted interiors, and refrain from sharing the mysteries of the kingdom to preserve the charms of your own future voyage. Until your trip, you may view for yourself some of the magic of Bavaria in this film...Bavarian Holiday on YouTube.