July 1, 2019

Live Well 2019: July

Welcome to the renewed guest post series of Live Well 2019, thanks to my dear friend/client/Bible study buddy, Sarah! The previous stint of fabulous Live Well guest posting was done by my sister, Lindsay Wampler, from 2016-2017.

This time around, we will post once a month for the year of 2019, in tandem with The Pro Player Timeline posts.

Sarah Blomgren is another California-Christian-Volleyball-Crazy who has played in England, Finland, and is currently living and playing in Serbia. Sarah adds a deeper dimension to being a professional athlete abroad with her commitment to maintaining a plant-based diet based on vegan guidelines, developing her professional profile, and growing as an athlete and person.

Sarah and I met through Elite Volley, and we have been a part of Athletes in Action online Bible study groups for professional athletes overseas. It only seemed fitting for us to also share our idea space for 2019 to better equip and encourage our fellow athletes and expats abroad!


"The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

This reminds me that people are more than what they look like. Judging by outward appearance, by looks, by works, or by earthly possessions, isn't what God looks at. God sees the hearts and motives of each person and judges solely off of that. This is a challenge for me to make decisions not based on my earthly desires but to consider my heart in each action and thought. I need to assess if my motives are faith-filled or selfish.

Smoothie Mix Master

I recently found pitaya chunks in the frozen food section of the store! FINALLY! I have been making pitaya smoothie bowls for breakfast and it's delicious. This pink fruit (also called dragonfruit) is packed with antioxidants and gives the smoothie a super vibrant pink color, so I just think that's fun!

I use about:
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen pitaya chunks
1 date
Handful of kale or spinach
Almond milk or macadamia nut milk (Milkadamia is my fav)
*Blend it all up, then add toppings of your choice

I love adding shredded unsweetened coconut, raw cacao nibs, fresh berries, agave or honey

Dig Deeper Recommendation

Okay, this might just be me, but I have randomly stumbled onto a podcast about cults and I'm obsessed. It is called Cultish, and they talk about all these different cults and religions that have cult-like tendencies. It's gnarly. I won't go into all that they talk about, but if you are even slightly interested in leaning about some "religions" that claim to be associated with Jesus, and how they actually were founded and originated by men who had pagan and cult-like influences, I say, give Cultish a listen.

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Plant-Based Meal

Spicy Vegan Jackfruit Tacos by the Minimalist Baker.

I love cooking with jackfruit. If you've never seen a jackfruit, they are these giant melon-looking things that can weigh up to thirty pounds. They are grown in Indonesia and southern India. The fruit on the inside shreds up just like pulled pork. If you flavor it however you want, it will taste just like pulled pork as well. I get my jackfruit from Trader Joe's where I can buy them in a can of brine. Super cheap and easy because you don't have to buy a whole jackfruit and cut it up yourself. Perfect.

Yoga Move

Malasana (Squat Pose)

I love this pose because it opens up my hips. Some focuses here are to fully drop the pelvis, keep the heels on the floor, and the spine straight, chest out. There are a variety of hand positions. I like to add a twist, reaching up with one arm while the other is on the ground, and then rotating the other direction. This move adds so much range of motion in the hips, ankles, and calves while also strengthening the legs.

Vegan Snack/Dessert

Lately I've been obsessed with seaweed chips! You guys, don't write me off just yet. They are so good, and come in a variety of flavors like siracha and wasabi. Iodine-packed, omega-3 ALA packed, and just overall delicious. If you haven't yet, step out of your comfort zone and give these a try.


Hey, friends. I'm Sarah. In addition to what Christy mentioned above, I played indoor and beach volleyball in college at The University of South Carolina where I earned my bachelor's degree in Exercise Science. I then went on to get my master's degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and continued my volleyball career at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England. My first pro season was in Finland, and my second was in Serbia.

Since then I've become 100% plant-based (vegan) and I absolutely love this world of plant-based nutrition. One fun fact about me would be that I have an obsession with doughnuts! No, not like Krispy Kreme; like actual artisan, small-batch, crazy flavor doughnuts! I try to use all my traveling as an excuse to visit doughnut shops around the world. Besides that, I love Jesus and I'm just here to figure this thing called life out the best I can through His eyes.
Ćao from Serbia!

Connect with Sarah on FacebookInstagram, and her website.
You can contact her directly via email for more information on Juice Plus+® sarahblomgren[dot]provolleyball[at]gmail[dot]com.

Let us know in the comments below if you try any variations of these delicious recipes, yoga moves, or have the chance to check out Sarah's recommendations!