May 6, 2019

Enjoying Amazing Annecy

Anyone down to move to Annecy with me?! ;)

There are certain places in the world where it's extra awesome because an annual event will bring you back every year! Annecy, France, is one of those places for us, for sure, and we are really looking forward to the huge grass volleyball tournament again with all of our friends!

Aside from the yearly event that draws us there (and for many, the annual International Animated Film Festival), Annecy can hold its own as a beautiful French town. Set on a backdrop of a lake in the Alps, it's hard not to love everything about the way Annecy just looks. Then you add in the adorable old town of canals, bridges, tunnels, and twists, and you're in a French fairy tale!

For a lovely day in Annecy, you can park your car at Parking Impérial next to the Casino Impérial Annecy. From there, take Avenue d'Albigny along the lake as you approach the town.

You will notice my favorite activity in Annecy has lots of options. You can rent nearly any kind of paddleboat to hang out on the lake for as long as you want! With even just a little bit of sunshine, this is such a fun way to spend time with friends, and you can even take a picnic lunch with you on the boat and make a full afternoon of it!

You will pass the stately Préfecture de Haute-Savoie right before you turn left into the grassy area towards the darling Pont des Amours over the Canal du Vassé. Turning away from the lake and into the town, you will pass the pretty square with the Mairie d'Annecy and the Église Saint Maurice.

The crown jewel of Annecy is right up ahead on Le Palais de l'Île, a small island jutting out of the canal as you enter the town. The best move at this point is to simply wander in and around the cobblestone pathways of the center, allowing the atmosphere of the many restaurants and cafés to invite you in to enjoy a nice break.

We have especially enjoyed our meals at Le Napoli and Aux Crêperies Bretonnes La Bolée. There are also ice cream shops and bakeries galore, and plenty of bars and pubs for the whole crew.

Other churches to admire in the town include Notre Dame de Liesse and the Cathedrale Saint-Pierre. An enjoyable walk up a small hill will take you to the Château d'Annecy and great views of the lake and town.

For those more keen on the nightlife scene, heading back to the Casino area along the lake border will bring you to a nightlife hub of music, dancing, and no sleep!

Every year, we like to bring a mix of old and new friends with us. We have traveled by car, train, bus, carpool, and plane (Geneva) to Annecy, and it's always a breath of fresh air when we arrive and get to stay in this city for a few fabulous days. The volleyball tournament, of course, brings thousands of extra people (and old friends, too!) to the town, but we love the buzz and excitement of getting to enjoy a great event together in an unbeatable setting.

I have listed below the information for the volleyball tournament (everyone from professionals to beginners are absolutely welcome!), and the links for the International Animated Film Festival. Whenever you get to come to Annecy, I hope you fall in love with it as we have!

How the volleyball tournament works:
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Meet Me in Annecy

2019 Registration: May 12 (fills up almost immediately!)

International Animated Film Festival information...


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