April 22, 2018

Meet Me in Annecy

Registration for the Annecy volleyball tournament opens today!!!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, let's rewind a bit to last year:

Lac d'Annecy and Why I Will Always Go Back

The Tournoi d'Annecy is always during Pentecost weekend, this year falling on Sunday and Monday, May 20-21, 2018.

It's a 3-on-3 grass tournament, all on the shore of the beautiful Lake Annecy, framed by gorgeous French Alps.

If you like volleyball, being outside, eating, drinking, and hanging out with French and Swiss people, then this is the place to be in May!

The tournament website* is here: http://tournoi.annecy-volleyball.com/

Registration starts on this page: http://tournoi.annecy-volleyball.com/new_site/register.php

It only costs 45 Euros per team (that's 15 Euros per player, if you're counting), and you get a tournament t-shirt and other goodies from the tournament sponsors.

This year, I am bringing two of my German teammates, and even Marc is getting in on the action with some of his basketball players!

Will we see you there?!

*The tournament website is all in French, so if Google Translate doesn't do its thing, let me know and I can help translate what's up and how to register your team!

May 1st update: Registration is currently full until further notice!!!