May 31, 2016

Locals Recommend: 4 Tapas Bars in Seville

Today's Travel Tuesday prompt is "The Best of Travel Tuesday" because it is the last link-up week ever! I am still out and about on my 5-week France-Spain-Portugal-France work holiday, so my husband, Marc, has graciously agreed to pen the main article below with his take on our few days in Seville.

I think I linked-up with Travel Tuesday for about three years off and on. I was so happy to finally be a host from February to April, and it is sad to see it end. However, with the upstart of #WanderfulWednesday (Lauren on Location, Snow in Tromso, Sunny Side of This, What a Wonderful World) and the very popular #MondayEscapes (My Travel Monkey, Packing My Suitcase), #citytripping (Wander Mum, Mummy Travels), and #AllAboutFrance (Lou Messugo blog, and personal favorite, especially because it's monthly!) link-ups, there is still plenty of travel love to share!

Travel Tuesday was great because of its unique aspect of rotating co-hosts. Everyone received tons of exposure this way and we all got to know each other on that virtual travel level we all know and love so much. The most important thing I learned was how to design my website better by viewing so many other blogs.

I don't have enough time to go through and find every single awesome post from my blogging buddies, but I know I will still be able to enjoy excellent content and beautiful photos from all over the world. Thanks to each and every one of you who participated and made Travel Tuesday great, and especially to Bonnie, who led the link-up for so many years!

The end of one thing is always the beginning of something else.

See you on the other link-ups, and enjoy Marc's recap of our time in Andalusia!

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I love going on trips with Swags; we stay at cool places, see incredible sights, and eat amazing food. What is weird is we hardly ever actually travel together when getting to our destination. It just happens this way sometimes and we actually really like it.

For this trip to Seville it once again worked to our advantage. Instead of sitting next to Swags, I was flying next to a couple from Seville! Alejandro and his wife were a wealth of information and we put it to use, especially when deciding where to eat. We only spent two days in Seville, but we ate well and saw a few of the key sights. This will be a city we visit again and give it more attention.

First up was the third largest cathedral in Europe.

The Cathedral of St. Mary of the See, is better known as the Seville Cathedral and is the resting place of Christopher Columbus. 

Make sure you go up the tower for some great panoramic views of the city. It's not a staircase, it is a continuous ramp!

For a great view of the cathedral and most of the rest of the city head over to the Hotel Inglaterra. Go up the elevator to the top and walk up these incredible stairs.

At the top, enjoy the views, the sunset, and a glass of wine.

The other architectural wonder to spend some time at is Plaza de EspaƱa.

Walk around the different levels, look through the many arches out onto the glassy water. Or jump into a rowboat and get onto that water!

Just like most places in Spain, Seville is more than just pretty sights. Tapas are the way to enjoy the most food for the lowest cost. Make sure to get a sangria or tinto de verano to match your meal. 

Getting the plate of multiple tapas is always recommended. Let the local chef choose what you should eat and prepare to be amazed with the mixture of flavors. Baratillo wowed us with this plate.

Casa Morales was one of those "hole in the wall" places that only a local, like Alejandro, would know. Make sure you get the tortilla (cheesy potato and egg omelette taste). 

Another great recommendation was La Flor de Toranzo. A clean, beautiful tapas bar with food so good I ate it before I could take a picture.

For something a little more hipster go to Ovejas Negras.

These were two of the most flavorful and filling tapas we had in our time in Seville.

Lastly, whenever you are in a warm and sunny location, get some gelato and enjoy life!

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