February 16, 2016

A Berlin Weekend

I won't claim that we saw everything there is to see in Berlin. With just four days - and two of those days spent mostly on a bus - my two teammates and I barely scratched the surface.

But for Berlin in mid-February, we had great weather: the temperature stayed between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius (35 and 43 degrees Fahrenheit), and zero rain!

With sunny winter weather and a new city to explore, it's always bound to be a fabulous weekend!

The Swede, the American, and the Bavarian.

Brunch vibes.

We look this good all the time.

Because we can never actually get enough volleyball.

Personalized chocolate bars at Ritter Sport, with gold stars galore!

We didn't have time to climb the Reichstag dome, so we just jumped up to its level instead.

We brunched daily, walked everywhere, and laughed constantly. It was the kind of trip that creates instant memories and inside jokes. We got lost together, translated too many languages, and couldn't ever find wifi when we needed it. 

It was the kind of weekend I'll never forget.

More Berlin coming soon...