June 4, 2016

Photos of Faro, Portugal

Our now annual trip to the Algarve is still as sacred as ever. For an entire eight days on the beach, I took one photo. I share a lot of things on What Up, Swags?!, but I have chosen to keep a certain part of the Algarve to myself.

Old Town Faro, on the other hand, I will gladly share, and I hope you enjoy this flowery and sunny photo gallery!

That book bag was literally all I packed for two weeks in Portugal! You can see what I packed here.

What's next up on the site?

Paris. Paris. Paris. Oh, my heart: what an incredible 3 1/2 weeks!!!

Have you been to Faro? Did you find it as charming and beautiful as I did? Do you have a sacred destination that you don't share with your audience either?