May 19, 2015

Podcasting with Fit Across Cultures

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet, befriend, and chat with Susan Salzbrenner of Fit Across Cultures this past year.

If you're an athlete abroad, considering the idea, or a parent of an athlete who wants to keep their dream alive, following Fit Across Cultures will answer so many of your questions and concerns! Susan has dug deep into the professional sports world overseas, and her collection of podcasts reaches far and wide.

Susan's about to come out with her amazing e-book guide to playing abroad, and I'll be sure to give you all the information for that, too! (Check it out! Play Abroad 101: Your Ultimate Guide To Success As An Athlete Abroad.)

If you've ever wondered just how I ended up overseas and wanted to hear it through the real sound of my voice, you can check out our podcast!

Exploring Europe While Playing Pro Volleyball With Christy Swagerty, Episode 33