December 24, 2014

Toledo: Into the Mist

Toledo is a terrible disappointment in the fog.

I left the blazing sun of Madrid for the icy fog of Toledo. Weather fail!

I'm sure Toledo could be great. You need to love hiking cobblestone, peering over cliffs, and souvenir shops. I usually like these things, too. But mix in the cold fog and a few pushy tourists, and I was out for the count.

My favorite building was the train station. The interior was more beautiful than most churches. It also signified a warm return to Madrid when I hiked back around 1pm. It was a very simple 35-minute train ride from Madrid-Atocha station, costing about 21 round trip. Changing to an earlier train was completely free, too. 

For what I know to be true, but didn't get to experience firsthand:

There is a ton of religious history between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. 

The El Greco art. The churches.

The royal histories of Spain. 

And the hidden sweeping landscape views in every direction.

But hopefully you can still see the value of Toledo in its details. 

As for me, I'll stick to sunny Madrid for the next few days, then go to the even sunnier south after that!