February 2, 2014

VLOG: Upsetting Some More People

We have another volleyball highlight reel, and another home victory!


Several friends from La Rochette came to cheer us on today, and Marc captured the game clips for you all again! Allez VGA!!!

After our bad loss last weekend to the 2nd place team, facing the 3rd place team today was a bit intimidating. But right from the start, my passers and hitters were totally in tune with the intensity necessary to win this match - and it was AWESOME. We were even down by a few points in the last two sets and steadily came back to win them both.

Winning this match 3-0 (25-21, 25-21, 25-22) earned us 3 points in the pool, putting us at 7th place! The bottom half of our pool of 10 teams is getting really competitive every weekend, though, so we have to continue to heighten our level of play. Right now, 6th place has 12 points, 7th place (us) has 11 points, 8th place has 10 points, and 9th place has 9 points! We have to stay in 8th place or higher to maintain our standing in Nationale 2.

Surprise wins like today's are always welcome! Great job everyone, and thanks to our fans and teammates for yelling their hearts out for us!!!

Tonight's Agenda: SUPERBOWL!!! It starts at 12:30AM here, and Marc, Amy, and I are going to fight for the dawn! (And for Peyton Manning!)