February 10, 2014

Spontaneous BURSTS of Awesomeness

A month ago, none of what I'm about to tell you was ever supposed to happen.

(Like having the stomach flu on game day yesterday and not being able to play, but this is a happy blog, so just know I'm feeling a little bit better...after 6 bursts. I might even start eating again! We now have 5 weekends off from volleyball matches, so we can take a deep breath before heading into our last 5 matches.)

In the course of this single week, the following crazy things have now been set into motion:

1) I'm selling my iPod Touch. Why? A French friend posted on Facebook that he wanted to buy one. A Facebook status that speaks to your heart is always a sign to take action. The good news is he is paying in two installments, so I have some extra time with my SwagPod2 before saying goodbye. The bad news is I have just enough extra time with my SwagPod2 to break it.

2) I'm visiting Tanya Schmidt during my upcoming vacation. This was already a potential idea, but only if I finally dropped the hope of getting to come back to the USA to finish my paperwork. I'm going to just deal with that disappointment by going to Germany. Boo-hoo [YAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!].

3) I applied for and got accepted as a volunteer for 5 days at...ENGLISH CAMP! Okay, it's actually a program called Diverbo, and it's an English immersion setting for German adults. So I'll be at a resort in the Black Forest of Germany for 5 days. ALL EXPENSES PAID. Speak English and be entertaining - check and check.

4) After that all happens, then I have this magical window of 2 days to go...somewhere. YES. A beautiful unknown (it will probably be Lyon - ha). All I need to do is eventually get to Lyon, where Marc will be waiting for me, and I will have a bus take me back to Paris at the end of what will have been another wonderful adventure for the blog-book.

This is essentially a "consolation trip" after having to back out of my Spain plans for this year.

I believe I am quite consoled.