January 22, 2014

Back to the Waiting Room

As goes with many things in life, "the best laid plans of mice and men..."

So, my original Plan A (May 2014) had already been dropped for Plan B (February/March 2014). But due to factors outside of our control, Plan C is beginning to formulate.

Of course, Plan C is still waiting to be launched, relying heavily on - once again - factors outside of our control.

But it's okay.

I finally canceled my Lisbon reservations yesterday. It was a little bit sad, frowning at the reality of Plan B going into the ground for good.

I'm still banking on a few things...

1) Spain and Portugal will continue to exist for at least the next 3 years (hopefully more).

2) Marc and I will continue to live in a nearby European nation for at least the next 2 years (hopefully more).

3) I will have friends for at least the next 12 years (hopefully more, but this at least gets me a great 40th birthday celebration).

And this is why it's okay.

My worldview is anchored in the fact that when something does or doesn't work out, it's always for a reason, and God is always in control of whatever that reason may be - and He is also in control of whenever we may or may not find out what that said reason was!

There's still a wild outside chance that IBIN2014 could still happen in June this year, but if it doesn't, that just means it is postponed. Never canceled.

The most annoying thing about having to wait around for IBIN2014 to happen? I'm gonna need to change all these dang hash tags and titles. IBIN2015? IBIN2045? Let's hope not.

I started the design for this journey with spontaneity and adventure in mind and heart. Adjusting this trip to accommodate the unexpected in our lives is simply part of the process!