June 25, 2013

My Tutor's Two Week Birthday Party

"Everything is SO enormous and SO clean!"

Now we know what the French really think of us.

My delightful French tutor, Monique, was gifted a trip to California with us by her daughter for her 65th birthday this year. 

So we took her. EVERYWHERE! Well, not quite everywhere, but it sure felt like it to us who never drive anymore!

San Diego. Oceanside. Hollywood. Newport Beach. Santa Monica. Catalina Island. Bakersfield (Reality Check City). Gilroy. San Francisco. Studio City. Venice Beach. Los Angeles.

See for yourself! Enjoy!

"Cousins on Catalina Coincidence"

A seriously HUGE thank you to the many people who helped us out along the way, especially those who made the efforts to make Monique feel welcome and at home! (And letting us sleep over, driving us places, feeding us, etc.!)

You are...Marc's family (Ingrid, Alex, Seth, Ryan, Tata, Inga, Courtney, and dog); my family (Margie, Dan, and Lindsay); Marc's friend, Billy; and to my Tanya friends, Tanya Bekendam and Tanya Schmidt! But I must thank MARC the most, because he generously put up with everything insane, and drove 99% of the time, even when we were all exhausted! He was my life-saver, for sure.

We couldn't have done it without you! Thanks for a crazy two weeks of laughter and memories!