May 24, 2013

The Italian Job

Marc and I had the pleasure of hosting his sister, Alex, in Europe for her college graduation present! She was able to visit London with some friends, hike around Barcelona with Marc, and I drew the lucky Italian card!

Considering its actual age, Italy never gets old to me! Alex and I devoted six glorious days to gelato, pasta, and acqua del rubinetto, and we enjoyed nearly* everything that happened!

(Nearly* = just watch Alex's expression when asked about the Via Appia Antica, and I can tell you about the shock your body goes into when you try 3 gelato servings in one day instead of the regular 2.)


I'm planning on house squatting someday in one of the several seemingly abandoned palaces lining the Grand Canal. Humidity aside, this place is absolute magic. I love boats (Alex managed a false appreciation - this I appreciated), gorgeous Byzantine mansions, and no vehicles on the roads!

The private bridge entrance to our beloved hostel, A Venice Fish!
We stayed in an authentic 15th century mansion-turned-hostel, and could only find wonderment around every corner and wanderlust over every bridge! I cannot wait to come back!



I was indisposed most of the day, but we had a hilarious talk with Canadians on the train ride from Venice, and I had a nice nap on a sunny slab outside of the Duomo. I also had to stare my fate in the face as I walked sickly past the gelato festival, completely unable to conjure up any desire for my favorite food in the world. Florence and I agreed upon a rain check, since I was so clearly unable to make a good first impression.

By the time our train reached Pisa, I was feeling slightly more ambitious, and we exited the station with about an hour to get to the Field of Miracles and back. We had decided a taxi would be the easiest, and hopefully not too pricey. We ran into two American guys (actually almost drunk sailors, just pretend they're pirates) trying to do the same thing, so we were able to swing a pretty good deal and keep it quick.



Oh, to be in Rome - twice in six months! I feel very spoiled to have been in this great city so soon again, and the blame can be split between Alex and the Trevi Fountain. We basically repeated all of the fun experiences from our Christmas trip: paying a visit to the best waiter in the world, Valter; finding more Vespas to "borrow" for photos; and eating my favorite gelato.

Alex got TWO cups!!! #impressed
When will I get to come back next?! 

Thankful and thrilled for yet another great week in Italy, and, of course,  in Europe!