December 28, 2012

One Sweet Week

Don't read this unless you've already eaten. 
Or go ahead and read if you want to become starving.

I firmly believe that the success of an adventure is measured by tastes enjoyed (good food) and sights captured (memorable photos). Welcome to the most unhealthy food diary ever. Don't hate me because my jeans still fit.

I baked some imported goods (cake mix via Lindsay) 
in our rented apartment's oven.

Red Velvet Cake with Rainbow Chip Frosting.
French Fondant au Chocolat with Chocovanilla Gelato.
We had lunch (then dessert, of course) twice at the vine-covered Angelino ai Fori dal 1947, just down Via Fori Imperiali from the Colosseum. 
"Ooooooh, yes!" exclaimed our opera-singing waiter to whatever we ordered, asked, or said.

Perfectly creamy and moist Tiramisu.
Tartufo is supposed to be "death by chocolate,"
maybe because it's so good it's the after-life?
 Then there were the random beautiful desserts below our apartment at El Pozzo der Gelato. It was a one-stop shop for coffee, pastries, desserts, pizzas, bus tickets, tobacco, and hysterical baristas.

These cases always captivated our attention as soon as we walked through the door!
Chocolate-drenched Cream Puffs in a Chocolate-lined Cone. Official title? Who cares?!
I limited myself to only two hot chocolates, one cappuccino, and one espresso to maintain a sense of decaffeinated sanity.

Hot chocolate at La Casa del Caffe Tazza d'Oro,
which I'm sure insulted their claim to the best coffee in the world.
Haven't heard much about gelato yet? I always save the best bite for last!

I want my own ice cream trash can!
Thank Rick Steves for this place, hidden in the back streets between the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. Giolitti is to Roman gelato what Angelina's is to Parisian hot chocolate. The top cream, "panna," was a scoop in and of itself.
Rick also led me to GELATO HEAVEN. The Gellateria Della Palma is where I want to go to church. The pictures don't even do it justice, and I've never seen so much beautiful ice cream all in one place. 
I will go back to Rome just for this gelato.

I think they make up new flavors everyday. They had at least four versions of stracciatella, which rightfully should blow your mind. Whatever your preferred flavor, it is here. Or they can probably make it on the spot!

If it doesn't seem like I had enough treats, keep in mind I didn't always have the patience to take photos before consumption.

By the way, the water tasted good, too.

Happy Roman Holidays!