April 11, 2021

When the #ScooterSquatter Became the Scooter OWNER


Yes, you read that title correctly. The #ScooterSquatter is going to have her own prop finally!

By the time summer rolls around in Deutschland this year, I will be the proud owner of my own beautiful and fabulous E-One! This is an electric scooter made by the environmentally-savvy Savitron Mobility in Germany. 

This offer seemed literally too good to be true, so I even made sure I test drove this Vespa-look-alike myself! For ONE MORE WEEK, you can use my code "scooterswag" for a discount and still take advantage of the pre-sale package that includes what's listed in the caption below the next photo!

The most exciting thing, of course, has been figuring out which color will be the most fun to drive around The Burg! Which color did I choose...?!

You can always check out my Instagram account @whatupswags for all the latest updates and watch for when my scooter shows up sometime in May!!!