January 1, 2021

Christmas Mug Winners!

Well, that was quite the Christmas marathon!

In a dash of rare 2020 optimism, I busted into Christmas mode by mid-November with this giveaway idea.

I am really very glad that I chose to send my Christmas mugs all over the world, but don't count on me doing this every year.

I am super thankful for all the friends who participated and got as excited about Christmas mugs as I did, but I was also surprised that there was not a larger participation in donating to the charities highlighted each week. I know not everyone had the financial wiggle-room to send money away this year, but I felt really compelled to give to those who needed it more than me this year.

So here's to hoping the feedback was inaccurate and more people donated than admitted it! ;)

At least we can all agree that 2020 was highlighted with not just one, but TWO, fabulous new albums from the greatest poet of our lifetimes, Taylor Swift.

The mugs heading to America are still stuck in US shipping customs, but thanks and congrats to all the winners, near and far!!!

Vilsbiburg mug: @cindysbarton 
Charity: Penny's Blankets, email pennysblankets@gmail.com

Deggendorf mug: @roemerella
Charity: Red Ribbon Skirt Society, website www.redribbonskirtsociety.com

Erfurt mug: @paxton_h
Charity: Krista Foster Homes, website https://kristafosterhomes.org/

Straubing mug: @cierameest
Charity: Zoe International, website https://gozoe.org/

Charity: Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, website https://www.hsgkc.org/

Regensburg mug: @jfray5
Charity: Adopt Together, website https://adopttogether.org/

I hope to see you somewhere soon and share a warm mug drink with you, no matter what the time of year!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2021, Leute!