November 16, 2020

6 Weeks of Christmas Mugs GIVEAWAY

This Christmas season is going to be a bit less brilliant and sparkly than in other years... but that doesn't mean we can't still make it special!

In many ways, it will be one of the most unusual -- and, therefore, naturally special -- Christmases we will ever experience.

Most of my family and friends would be at a loss to remember the best or most recent Christmas gift I had given to them... mainly because I am not a big "gift-giver."

However, in light of all of us needing to find space to pivot and grow during this dark season of global suffering and struggle, what say we pop into the month of December with a little extra fun?!

Enter, the "6 Weeks of Christmas Mugs Giveaway!"

Starting this Thursday, each week I will go live on Instagram to show which mug will be up for grabs, sharing the stories behind that specific German Christmas market and time(s) I spent there.

Essentially, since we will likely be limited in making new memories at Christmas markets this season, I am very happy to share my Christmas memories from these mugs and you can "borrow" the memories forever with the mug!

Each week will have a little bit different "voting" system, but I promise none of it will be fraudulent, and no mugs will be mailed to dead people. ;) However, mug winners can win more than once!

Thursdays will be the mug "showcase," Sunday evenings I will count the entries, and Mondays will be the announced winners! 

There are six (6) mugs in total that I am willing to part with this season, so the dates to tune into my Instagram account @whatupswags will be November 19, 26, December 3, 10, 17, and 24!

I will mail the mug (and some other goodies) to the address of your choice. All I ask in return is that when the mug arrives, you take a picture of yourself holding it and post it to your Instagram account with me tagged and #ChristyKindlMarkts (watch for the crazy spelling, sorry, it's German + my brain)! 

(Of course, if you're a local in Bayern somewhere, I can bring the mug directly to you.)

Oh, wait, I lied; I ask one more thing: that you use the mug as much as possible this Christmas season and have a very, very Merry Christmas!!!