November 13, 2019

German Swag 101: Mother/Daughter Days in Dresden

I got to take my mom with me to one of my favorite cities in Europe: DRESDEN!!!

We had my parents' flights planned since late May, but it wasn't until the middle of August that my volleyball schedule really came into reality when I joined the Munich third division team. This put one of the weekends my parents would be here in Dresden!

We stayed two nights right smack in the middle of the Altstadt, and spent a perfect day browsing the rebuilt old city. We capped off the night with attending the Sleeping Beauty ballet at the Semperoper!

It was such a perfect trio of days to spend with my mom in such a beautiful place. I will love Dresden no matter who I get to go with, but this trip will always hold an extra special place in my heart. Thank you, Mom, for trusting me with the plans, clothes, and directions!!!