April 1, 2019

The Pro Player Timeline: April

Working from The Pro Player Timeline: Overview, this individual month post focuses on what a professional player overseas - or an aspiring pro player - should be outlining each specific month of the year like.


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Most players looking to play professionally overseas don't really have any idea how to do it! This is not your fault; unless you know someone who has done it or have incredible connections already in the pro world of your sport - you try searching Google and barely anything comes up. A few agencies, some club team pages, maybe an incomplete Wikipedia page about a league or two.

There is already an amazing detailed video resource for professional volleyball abroad in the Pro Volley 101 course by Ryan Jay Owens. Please check it out for more ideas and perspectives on becoming a professional player overseas!

Pro sports are cyclical. What might be a frenzy of hiring in August right before the season starts can occur again in January at mid-season transfer periods. Players coming out of university eligibility are ready to go pro at different times, depending on graduating in December or May.

How you handle the months of your year will vary depending on if you are already signed and with your team or not signed with anyone yet. The first section of this post will deal with "When you are signed," and the second section of this post will give advice for what to do "When you are not signed yet."


Oh. That month with the heavy words. Dedication and commitment can really mean the same thing, but I have always understood these words to stand on their own. A "commitment" is something on the short-term that I say I will do, somewhere I say I will be, or something I need to see through to the end. "Dedication" has a longer vision, and it is a much more internal decision and application process that hopefully displays itself in my habits, lifestyle, and worldview.

Short-term: I have committed to play volleyball for my club for the next season.

Longer vision: I have dedicated my life to using volleyball to make my life and the lives of others awesome.

Interchangeable: I have committed/dedicated my life to Jesus Christ.

Whatever your strongest commitments or life dedications are, clearly your sport has high priority. Your average pro sport season abroad will be coming to a close in April (if March or May, just apply this then!), and every day is key in showing what your commitments are and who you are dedicated to being and becoming.

You've made it this far into your season - time to take it all the way, and see your commitment through to the end!

More inspiration here >>> Live Well 2019: April

Every month of your year can be outlined with a theme, enhanced with motivational reminders, and structured in a way that your day-to-day activities promote your short and long term growth and well-being.

For everyone...

Solidify your summer training plan options:
>Talk to your representation about playing overseas in a late spring/summer league (Philippines, Indonesia, etc.).
>Get on a team for USA Volleyball Adult Nationals
>Apply for the player draft in Canada's One Volleyball Premier League.
>Schedule a personal trainer and/or time with a local competitive team to practice and train with them.

When you are signed and finishing your season...

Review your Goals & Vision. Are you where you wanted to be? Is it better or worse than you hoped?
Write an end-of-season recap, relating to your Goals & Vision, and have an entire section on things you have learned.
Make sure your connections with the local community and wider volleyball community are secure and you can contact them after you leave the area.
Close any bank accounts, internet/phone plans, forward your mailing address, etc., before leaving the area.
Transfer your locally earned currency back to your home currency via PayPal or bank transfer (pay attention to exchange rates and 3rd party charges).

When you are not signed yet...

Set up video or phone calls with agents and at least two professional players to ask them questions and learn more about the process.
Study up and watch video tutorials on any of the technological gaps you may have and learn how to better use Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, and some other internationally used platforms.
Try to increase your value and upload and link at least two or three videos per week of you playing your sport and/or doing a workout.

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