November 16, 2018

The Pro Player Timeline: Sunday

Working from The Pro Player Timeline: Weekly, this individual day post focuses on what a professional player overseas should be outlining each specific day of the week like.


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The Pro Player Timeline: Daily 

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Obviously, every player's schedule will vary based on practices, matches, and other planned activities; however, it's important for athletes to go into each week with an organized view of how the days within the week will play themselves out.

SUNDAY - Reflection/Rest Day

Take five minutes to review your week and the match from the day before. Write it in a notebook, type it into a document, speak it into a voice memo, or record a video of yourself reviewing the week.
Date and keep these records as the basis of your journey both as an athlete and person.
Post match results and links onto social media platforms, if you didn't get it done the night before.
Take at least thirty minutes to stretch, roll, and whatever other recovery routines you should be doing.

Reflect on Your Focus...

How did your chosen focus for the week help or hinder you from your goals? Does it need to be totally changed for the next week, or can it just be altered slightly to help you keep growing? What did you learn about yourself and the world? 


If you can manage your stretching and rolling routine while watching television or movies, this is a great opportunity to just relax while also rejuvenating your body from the game. Drink more than enough water and eat the right foods to replace what your body lost and to prepare for the next week of training. It's also a good day to take a break from everyone you're usually around and really relax your mind as well.

Think About...

What you may want your next week's focus to be and how you can implement that into your mindset for the week. Pay attention to how your body is feeling and what else you may need to do to stay healthy and strong. 

Something Meaningful (5 ideas)...

Write a thank-you note to the person who has been the most supportive of you in your new place, do a random act of kindness for your roommate/teammate, find a bench to sit on and think or write about where you are at in your life for a full twenty minutes, read a book, listen to an encouraging podcast while taking a long walk.


Doing your full recovery routine and resting for the week ahead. Decide on which course you want your focus to take for Monday and be ready to tackle it head on in the morning. Take care of any last-minute things that may need to be ready for the start of the week and make sure you go to bed at a reasonable hour to start your first practice of the week well.

As your day-to-day schedule become more routine, you can add more social media presence (i.e., sharing other pro player's match times/highlights, linking to your blog, etc.). The most important baselines for every day are getting enough of the right kind of sleep and eating properly. These actions take intentional planning and purpose. Too many times we have heard stories of athletes finishing practice after 9:00 PM and not having any food left to eat - and all the grocery stores and decent restaurants are closed! 

"Those were the days; and so are these."

For the rest of the days of the week, see The Pro Player Timeline: Weekly.

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