November 5, 2018

The Pro Player Timeline: Saturday

Working from The Pro Player Timeline: Weekly, this individual day post focuses on what a professional player overseas should be outlining each specific day of the week like.


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The Pro Player Timeline: Daily 

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Obviously, every player's schedule will vary based on practices, matches, and other planned activities; however, it's important for athletes to go into each week with an organized view of how the days within the week will play themselves out.

SATURDAY - Performance Day

Wake up on time and eat a great breakfast.
Post match times and links onto social media platforms for fans to follow online.
Implement your favorite and important pre-game traditions.
Fuel your body with healthy and energy-infused foods and meals to perform your best.

Share Your Links...

Post your game schedule and any related links in advance onto your integrated social media platforms. If your matches are not live streamed publicly, you can take the initiative to use your own devices and available internet connection to live stream on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. It's best to have your device set up well before warm-ups begin, then have a trusted friend hit record and supervise your device while you are playing. If there is no internet connection in the gym, it is wise to still set up your device to record your game, then upload it to your video service later. This way you still have the footage of your match and can now edit it into highlights to post on your social media.

Be Present...

Enjoy these moments of playing a sport for your job! Your job is to take care of your body and build it in a way to perform your best when your team needs you for the matches. Pay attention to all the small things happening around you, listening to your coaches, interacting productively with your teammates, and constantly moving forward from the previous moment to be fully present in the next. Another thing to consider is that you are not only representing yourself, but also your family and friends and your entire country, so it is important to set a strong example of sportsmanship, quality performance, and professionalism in all situations.

Maintain Routine...

Keep your pre-game routines intact as much as is within your control. It is best to have a quick five minute routine that can be flexibly inserted into the moments before warming up that centers you on the task at hand. Find familiarity and security in your team warm-up and really use these moments to focus on your mission.


Be intentional in every action and reaction before, during, and after your match. Follow-up with coaches or teammates about anything that may have gone awry during the game. Post your match results and statistics and a short recap of how you think the match went, mentioning some things you did well and some things you want to improve on for next time. Complete your week with some time to enjoy with your friends or opt to start your rest and recovery at home with an early evening. Notice if your team is always going out together after games, or if it is only part of the time, and make sure you are integrating into the team group and not avoiding off-court time together. Even if you are totally exhausted, the effort of "showing up" can go a really long way as you are the foreign player and it is crucial to staying present in the team social circle.

As your day-to-day schedule become more routine, you can add more social media presence (i.e., sharing other pro player's match times/highlights, linking to your blog, etc.). The most important baselines for every day are getting enough of the right kind of sleep and eating properly. These actions take intentional planning and purpose. Too many times we have heard stories of athletes finishing practice after 9:00 PM and not having any food left to eat - and all the grocery stores and decent restaurants are closed! 

What can I do to make the TEAM better? How can I do that better?
What does the TEAM need from me today, both on and off the court?

For the rest of the days of the week, see The Pro Player Timeline: Weekly.

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