December 24, 2017

My Favorite Christmas Market: Regensburg

A ridiculous sprained ankle really set me back on my Christmas market game this December. I should have been able to go to at least three of them twice, but instead, it was just one time to each market. I cut it as closely as possible, going on both Monday and Tuesday to markets right before we left for Barcelona on Wednesday!

Delicious Bratapfelwein. Tastes like cider.
This Christmas season, I loved going to the Vilsbiburg, Landshut, Salzburg, Regensburg, Nuremberg, and Erfurt Christmas markets.

The impressive and very full Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt.
I wasn't able to swing any time at the one-weekend-only Dingolfing market, and I basically missed two full days of potential market visiting because I needed to rest my ankle. Maybe I would have gone to Munich's Englischergarten market (haven't done that one yet), and I definitely would have spent more time in Landshut and Regensburg.

Landshut sets the hot wine literally on fire!
I absolutely adore the one-day Vilsbiburg Nikolausmarkt and how the entire town congregates in our Stadtplatz (city center) to share warm drinks and hugs.

Darling Vilsbiburg.
I'm also a huge fan of hanging out in Landshut, whether at the Christmas pyramid mini-market or in the Freyung's main market section. Vilsbiburg and Landshut are my small local markets, and I'm already looking forward to being at both even more next year.

Immigrant Dingo best friends with our coach and manager in Landshut.
But, Regensburg. Oh my lovely Regensburg. I like this city so much as it is, but when the Christmas market gets wedged into Neupfarrplatz around the charming church, it is unbeatable for me!

Friends who make me look taller, richer, and younger than I actually am.
It has my favorite market sandwich, the "Regensburger," interestingly combining sausages, sweet pickles, sweet mustard, and horseradish. I usually eat two while there, and order another one to take home with me.

It is always where I find my favorite Christmas market mugs. This year was no exception, as I found a tall frosted mug with beautiful red calligraphy and a decent wine glass with gold accents.

We understand best how our faces work.
This market still has the very best fried apple rings. I try them everywhere. None compare. They are so fresh, so juicy, and so perfectly flavored with cinnamon and sugar that I should really only eat thirty of them.

So far, I am three-for-three in Regensburg on pretty okay weather for December in Bavaria. No muddy memories for me in Regensburg!

It is also where I am able to meet up with wonderful friends who live in the area. I have had teammates and friends in Regensburg every year in Germany, and this year, my teammate and her friend who live in Deggendorf were able to join me, too!

Dingo, Dingo, Dingo, Dingo! I love my team.
My Regensburg market day was the day before we left to spend Christmas in Barcelona, and I could not have designed a better holiday send-off.

Perfectly coordinating head warmers and smiles.
December, 2018: please grant me two days in Regensburg! I would love to take a tour of the extra nice and special market at the Thurn and Taxis castle next Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten!