September 7, 2017

Let's Go To Liechtenstein!

We had to pick an in-between meeting point.

My American volleyball player friend, Courtney, was in Switzerland. 
I was in Germany. I had some of her belongings that she had left behind in Vilsbiburg. It was time to return them.

Map check, 1-2, 1-2.

"Want to meet in Liechtenstein?!"

I brought along my Dingo setter buddy, Auli, and we were off for a hot full day of summer adventures!

Liechtenstein is essentially an Austrian-influenced version of Switzerland. 
It's just as pricey as the Swiss neighbor, speaks Swiss German, and on the Swiss Franc, to boot.

But, hallo! It's Liechtenstein! 
One of the smallest countries in the world, and it was only a matter of time before I found some reason or another to make my way into it!

Best. Souvenir. Ever.

The prince lives in that castle overlooking Vaduz. If it hadn't been so hot, we would have probably hiked our way up there for the views!

We were even able to walk into Switzerland over the Rhine River from Vaduz! 

Have you ever made a day trip into a tiny country? 
What do you think about making your way to Liechtenstein someday?