September 15, 2017

31: (Almost) Adulthood Arrives

In the course of just two weeks this July, I feel like I went from being 19 to nearly my real age: 31.

July, 2017, hit me like a ton of adulthood.

I got my first pair of eyeglasses.

I got a membership to the local fitness gym.

I got a car. (Read: I have to remember how to pump gasoline again.)

I got a real German cell phone plan.

I learned how to make mango salsa.

I started processing my German volleyball coaching license.

We moved into a 3-story house...with TWO bathrooms.

The house also came with a huge backyard and a cat - all technically belonging to our landlord neighbor, but adoptable as needed.

It was a bit overwhelming at first. I mean, we were totally okay with our minimalist existence and barely anything to clean or take care of. The overwhelming bit was because everything on this list happened in the same two weeks!

Granted, most of these additions to our world were provided by our sports club jobs. After six years of living like hobos, the grown up way of life seems extremely nice. Yes, it's more upkeep and responsibility, but we will handle it and see how it goes.

Besides, there are still two main things about our home life that won't ever change: the television (that isn't even plugged in) is not the centerpiece of our living area and our very clean and quiet house is contentedly childfree.

Welcome to my true 31.