February 23, 2017

7 Reasons Why I Love Northern Italy

Because I can get there quickly and cheaply.

Of course, this is a reason. It's one of my favorite reasons to go anywhere! My round trip plane tickets to Milan from Munich average $60. Europe has got airfare figured out! Lake Como was barely $10 to go there and back on the train. I can't wait for my next trips to include Lake Sirmione, Parma, Bergamo, and probably 100 other beautiful places I will eventually find out about!

Because the sunshine.

I know Northern Italy doesn't always have stellar weather, especially as far as Italian averages go, but it's usually better than Germany! I'll take those odds during the winter months any day.

Because aperitivo.

If I was more familiar with happy hour, I probably wouldn't think aperitivo was a big deal. But I rarely make happy hour a part of my life, so Milan's aperitivo is super cool! 

To boot, the food is usually served buffet style, which, in my world, beats out happy hour appetizer discounts. Did I mention I went to the spa at QC Termemilano that serves aperitivo as part of the time you're there?

Because of the reverence for intellectual art.

The libraries and churches in Milan are so incredibly detailed and artistic, there's a reason the museum scene usually includes them. 

My personal favorites are Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, Ambrosian Library, and Santa Maria delle Grazie (The Last Supper).

Because this is my preferred version of Italy.

I really enjoy every kind of Italian trip I can go on. But Milan is the only city where I have felt like I could move there and really mesh with what's happening. It's not my sense of fashion or thick wallet that's making me feel this way, so let's just say it's the architecture and ease of getting around.

Because the hot wine is on point.

Best. Hot wine. Of all time. I will drink any red vin chaud or glühwein during the Christmas season. Some are better than others, some are just okay. But the vin brulé (yes, French, but that's what they call it in Milan!) I got in the plastic cup from a stand along the Navigli canal was the absolute best I have ever had. Next time I go during the winter, I'll figure out a way to ask what their recipe is - or just which wine they use as the base!

Because I can be red.

This may or may not make sense to you, but I have a love-hate relationship with the color red. I don't know if I really can - or even care enough to - wear red and incorporate it into my world. But there is a bold freedom in my Northern Italian world, and I made nearly my whole trip red this time. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I do not know anyone there, but, whatever the inspiration, I can revel in being red in Milano.

Have you been to Milan or Lake Como? What did you like about it?
Do you ever feel like you can "be red" (or another color) in a different place?