April 12, 2016

First Scoop on Cake in Vienna

The whole Vienna cafe scene really made me curious. Would it really be better than Paris? How could cake actually be that amazing? Was the Sacher torte even good?

I'm super fortunate to have had a full five days in Vienna over Easter break this year - and will be able to return again with my visiting friend, Kia, come June. Instead of trying to do five cafes a day on an insane sugar rush, I decided to spread out my Viennese cafe experience over the two trips.

Did I mention I'm including the ice cream places? Desserts are inseparable and part of the whole experience in my book! 


This cafe was spotlighted as one of the most famous, and it was even discussed in my German class. It was absolutely beautiful, but the food and drink were boring and pricey.

Verdict: Skip.

Eissalon Schwedenplatz

If you're staying out this direction, it can be a nice ice cream place. I had a basic tasting chocolate milkshake here. But overall, not interesting, and, again, overpriced.

Verdict: Skip.


This place is a gem. It's right smack in the middle of the bustling tourist area, but totally affordable with a delicious menu. I had breakfast here, but the cake selection looked like the typical Viennese fare. The only thing that snaps you back to tourist reality is the waiter hovering over your check waiting for his tip. Be quick, or they'll take more than you actually mean to tip!

Verdict: I'll return for sure.

Eis Tichy

It may be at the end of the metro line at Reumannplatz, but it's totally worth the trek...and I went twice! My coach and his girlfriend recommended Eis Tichy above all else from the time they lived in Vienna. The ice cream dumplings are one of the coolest ice cream creations and tastes I have ever experienced! 

Verdict: I'll return for sure.


Demel is the closest thing to Paris' Angelina I found in Vienna this round. It's elegant, it's beautiful, it smells delicious, and it's everyone's dream dining area. The most interesting thing here is you can watch the cake-makers in action through the glass-walls of the kitchen.

I chose to have the Sacher torte here, and I can definitively say that it is just a boring piece of bland chocolate cake. (I am a chocolate fanatic, and it is uninteresting. I may give it another go around at Hotel Sacher in June, but I'm not enamored by it at all.)

Verdict: I might go back.


Oberlaa is the supplier and Cafe Dommayer is the vendor? Or at least that's how it appears. Which is great news because Oberlaa is actually a chain all over Vienna! But I love Dommayer because of its proximity to Schloss Schonbrunn, the lovely wait staff, and I had my own space for as long as I pleased. Oh, and did I mention it was absolutely the best cake: mango chocolate torte!

Verdict: My favorite cafe so far, I'll definitely be back!

Which cafes in Vienna do you love the most and why? Have you been to Eis Tichy?

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