April 19, 2013

Back to Life's Lyrical Swag

It obviously means my life is back to a clean rap song.

I have been so preoccupied by volleyball this past month, I've forgotten to look forward to some of the amazing events that are rapidly approaching!

(Volleyball has been very disappointing this year, to say the least. A lack of commitment, competitiveness, and generally low team performance levels have combined for a "blah" season. Unfortunately, the "blah" is made worse by the fact that our team was supposed to win our league pool this year and move up a division, which will not be happening. More developments to come on this topic later in May.)

But onto happier moments, some of our recent highlights have included week-long visits with friends; first with Marc's former roommate, Billy, then with another one of my volleyball friends, Stephanie. Billy's fourth visit to Paris challenged us in a really cool way to keep his visit fresh and new, and we were able to find a great wine bar in our town (with this CAFE sign inside) for him and Marc to enjoy! Stephanie had been in Germany all year playing volleyball, but her first time in Paris was complimented with helping me babysit (THANK YOU), amazing eats, and getting to play volleyball together! We've also had several fun run-ins with more of our college, volleyball, and French pals all over the place: at matches, in Paris, and at our Swagville Hotel.

We had a ton of crepes, raclette, and Angelina's when our friends were in town, and have had to eat a ton of vegetables and fruits to kind of clean out our systems. Yesterday, my French teacher, Monique, and I took a French macarons class in our town. The weather has FINALLY changed (winter started at the beginning of October, and didn't officially end until last week!) and we aren't wearing our heavy coats, gloves, and scarves combinations anymore.

The kid I babysit in English is a lot less baby-ish every week (he is 3 now), and he's been a lot easier to manage during our "adventures," like this one yesterday to the park situated around the ruins of the ancient Roman arena on the Left Bank. Don't be fooled by how happy I look. I had just finished cleaning him up from peeing in the grassy corner to our right. We are actually expressing, "Oh my gosh, we're both still alive after seven months together!"

But there are four Major Life Events that we get to be a part of in the next four months, and I'm choosing to set my sights on these excitements instead of this year's volleyball let downs!

MAY: Alex's (Marc's sister) trip to Europe!!!
Alex arrives in exactly three weeks! We have had a lot of fun planning her adventures in London, Paris, Barcelona, and I'm the lucky one who gets to spend a week with her around Italy! This is her big graduation "hurrah," and we are thrilled to spend it with her, and give her a great vacation after all her hard work at James Madison University.

JUNE: Monique's (French teacher) trip to America!!!
Monique will be flying back with us to California, and I get to test my local tour guide skills...in French! We will be running all over California during her two weeks with us, and we are definitely most excited about our four nights in a downtown apartment in San Francisco with my best friend, Tanya!

JULY: Jenn's (my best friend) having a baby!!!
Jenn and Kevin's little boy is due mid-July, and my week in Idaho is planned around that due date. If the kid is early or late, no problem; it will still be awesome to see our great friends and be able to help out in whatever way I can. Even if that means I have to take care of their dog! We are so happy for J&K, and we know they're going to be happy and wonderful parents.

AUGUST: Lindsay's (my sister) getting married!!!
It's time for another wedding! Lindsay has done an excellent job planning and putting together her and Justin's great day in August. I've been a satellite Matron of Honor the past five months, and it will be much nicer to be with Lindsay and be able to help in the present moment instead of just on the phone or email. She picked a great group of bridesmaids, and we are probably going to have way too much fun together that weekend!

So, sorry in advance if I won't have time to spend with you this summer in America, but you can see our 8 weeks state-side are pretty crammed already!

We are ready to enjoy our next 50 days of spring and early summer in Europe!