April 30, 2013

Out For Vintage

My November shopping plans were rudely interrupted by sickness, then the weather prevented any fun kind of wandering until April. After six months of delays, I was finally able to search around Montmartre and find some really cool places!

Update January, 2016: Please double check that these shops are still in business through the internet or Google Maps. Sadly, thrift stores do have a tendency to close down if not garnering enough revenue.

All of these shops are really next to one of the most authentic Parisian metro stops, Abbesses, on line 12. It can be tied into a day on Montmartre seeing the Sacre-Cœur, artists on the Place de Tertre, souvenir shopping, and if you're really ambitious, fabric shopping in the district to the east down the hill.

For my complete list of thrifting criteria, click here.

From least to most interesting:

5) La Boutique Noire
It looked so small and boring, I didn't even go inside. Moving on.

4) By Flowers
Great crowded vibe, but everything is overpriced! Decent selection of clothing, but if the store smells, then the clothes usually smell, too! Its one saving grace? Largest collection of soft sweatshirts, t-shirts, and old school softball jackets (also known as: everything I ever wore in high school and college). I had to get out of there before I came back with all the clothes I worked so hard to get rid of last year.

3) La Caverne a Fripes Vintage
This store had the most magically inviting entrance I've ever seen! You walk along a street, checking addresses, and down near the bottom of the wall is a portal that goes below street level. I was so excited as I descended into the depths of used clothes...and found nothing to ever make me go back! The whole place is filthy, and while I'm sure a dedicated "digger" could find their treasure there, I'd rather be elsewhere.

2) Vintage Desire
Another one?! Right on! The workers were a little weird and annoying (Mademoiselle! Pretty purse!!!), but ignoring them turned up a great 5€ belt. This store is literally two minutes from the metro stop, so it will be gladly passed through whenever in the neighborhood.

1) Chine Machine
This shop is straight up RAD. Still not as exhaustive of a selection as I'd prefer, but they definitely have their 1-5€ piles of stuff, and they have hand selected everything because it's consignment! You can find great boots, hats, dresses, belts, scarves, and coats - just don't miss the hidden corner staircase into the cellar for even more options! Plus, all the workers speak French and English, so it's a welcoming place for everyone.

Happy thrifting!