January 16, 2012

La Rochette: In Living Color

Good luck translating anything.
Just know everything is in our favor...

We are currently in 2nd place after the first half of the season!

Our latest win over Harnes from Sunday, titled "Sometimes a little too easy."

The sentence with "Swagerty" roughly translates to: "thanks to their strike force perfectly enhanced by the passes (sets) of Swagerty."

Go strike force!

Our win against Amiens, the last match before Christmas vacation.

They were not very good, and I think the match only lasted around an hour. It was a nice way to ease into the break.

And this was our debut article, detailing our club's plan to climb in the leagues and goals for the season.

Allez La Rochette!

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  1. I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!!! .... wait only if you're silhouetted in an iTunes pose with the side pony- of which, I've been rocking since I met you!


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