January 22, 2012

Give to the Giving

If you believe in supporting the work of inspiring young people, here are some inspiring young people you should support! Just click the link of their title!

We were only at Simpson University for a short 2 years, but there were a few student-athletes who really impressed us, not only for their commitment and work ethic to our sports, but especially because of their passion for Christ and life. Please consider giving what you can to these amazing young people to help make their plans for ministry a reality. Your gift impacts everyone they encounter, all over the world! Help make a difference!


Jenny threw my "Welcome
Back Swags" party last April.
Jenny will be returning to her ministry in Romania after her great summer there in 2011. Her heart is so invested in Romania, she had no second thoughts about going back! Jenny is a consistent source of encouragement and strength in my life, as I know she is to everyone whom is blessed to know her. Jenny is finishing up her senior year in the psychology program, after finishing 4 years in the volleyball program as one of the most athletic and versatile athletes. 


Kaitlin (Left), Kelly (Center), and I
enjoy another NBC Camp skit.
Kaitlin is going on her first missions trip with Simpson to inner-city Chicago during spring break. Kaitlin has been my Alaska camp prodigy for the last 3 years because of her trustworthiness, flexibility, and "can-do" attitude. She is a confident leader who can connect with people instantly, giving them a look into the light she holds to share with them. She is halfway through her volleyball career at Simpson, and constantly striving to be her best.

Marc is actually in charge of this team! He wanted to involve a great group of young men from Simpson with our lives here in France, and this is how it's happening! The team will be using basketball as their ministry vehicle, and also assisting the local churches and ministries we know here. They will be working in Paris with Trinity International, and in Limoges with Ray and Carol Simon's church. Any one of these guys would be deserving of your donation, but donating to the whole team is also an option! We are excited to see and host them in May!

If financial difficulties are holding you back, the least you can do is re-post this link, or the direct links to the student-athlete you would have wanted to support. I have found that giving to people who have the passion for ministry is the best way for me to give to the church. I have also been in this position before of needing to raise the money necessary for great things to happen, and these "great things" will happen because of all of us. Spread the word!!!